Tuesday, March 20


What a day !!!

How do u react when your boss called you over the mobile and just bombard you with accusations that it is not true after all.

Well, it did happened to me... Today !!! Even though i've tried to explain, but, being the boss, well, u know, Boss is always right. Well, wrong.

I've served my boss for almost 10 years and he should have known better that i am not a 'mulut murai'. I am and never will kiss-and-tell to all of the staff in relation to his personal stuff.. Hey, i know where are my boundaries. After all, i've been in this HR & PA line for quite some time and i know the shut-your-mouth-thing-when-it-comes-to -ur boss.

Well, i dunno if i did the right thing, but, i already call up the culprit and reprimand him. (Memang marah sesangat...). So what i did after that, i told the culprit to confront the boss himself and confess that he is the one who's been spreading the news... It's just not my style to bad-mouthed another person eventho that apa yang dia buat tu benar belaka. Let him face the music himself.

What i really can say to myself is, well, tee, anggaplah benda yang dah jadi ni sebagai ujian daripada Allah s.w.t. Semestinya ada hikmah di sebalik dugaan ini.

Till then.


Friday, March 2

Yup, We Did It Again...

Syukur alhamdulillah for the rezeki yang diberiNYa to me and hubby.

Yesterday went for a monthly check-up with my gynae. Yup... I'm pregnant..again...for the 6th time... after the last miscarriage, thot of taking a break for a year. But, Allah has a better plan for me.

So, now, I'm on my first trimester, 9th week. Mual-mual tu biasa jer la. And it happens in the evening onwards. So, there i was, immediately entering the house, terus baring... Well, i know that people always tell that .." Jangan dok layan sangat mabuk tu.. nanti jadi teruk".. OR " Takkan nak masuk anak no. 4 pun mabuk2 gak"... well, wait till they experienced it, then only they will know.. yah..

My gynae , Dr N has been the attending doc since my first pregnancy, and i have nothing but praise for her.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Apa yang Doc N tak buat untuk tee.. well, practically everything from performing the C-section during my first pregnancy - that was Abang who refusee to 'pusing' or engaged properly. He did engaged but with the other way round..yup..it was a breached one...

Then, it was Kakak, alhamdulillah, it was a normal delivery. Third, i had a miscarriage, so, again, Dr N did the D&C procedure. Fourth, comes Adik, also normal. Fifth, had a miscarriage again.. Tapi yang ni tak perlu cuci coz it was a complete and full miscarriage.

Then, now, the sixth pregnancy, got to do the scan thing yesterday. Alhamdulillah,dah boleh nampak heart beat baby. And also visible is the head and body. The length is about an inch. Looks like the baby's growth is fine. Hopefully, theis pregnany gonna be a smooth sailing just like the previous. InsyaAllah..

So, there you go folks, I'm pregnant ,... again.. (senyum lebar ni...).

By the way, my sis-in-law is also pregnant after she had a miscarriage last year. Jarak ngan Tee , dia awal 2 minggu. Nampak gayanya, mak mertua ku akan mendapat 2 orang cucu tahun ni.. InsyaAllah. :)

That's all for now...


Just receive a phone call from my mom- Tok Moh (tok sedara) dah meninggal due to sakit tua. Al-Fatihah..