Thursday, August 17

It Was Never Meant To Be

"Bacalah dengan (menyebut) nama Tuhanmu Yang Menciptakan, Dia telah menciptakan manusia dari 'alaq (segumpal darah). Bacalah, dan Tuhanmulah Yang Maha Pemurah." (Al Qur'an, 96:1-3)


Pada tahap awal perkembangannya, bayi dalam rahim ibu berbentuk zigot, yang menempel pada rahim agar dapat menghisap sari-sari makanan dari darah ibu. Gambar di atas adalah zigot yang terlihat seperti sekerat daging. Informasi ini, yang ditemukan oleh embriologi modern, secara ajaib telah dinyatakan dalam Al Qur'an 14 abad yang lalu dengan menggunakan kata "'alaq", yang bermakna "sesuatu yang menempel pada suatu tempat" dan digunakan untuk menjelaskan lintah yang menempel pada tubuh untuk menghisap darah.
(sources from

It was never meant for me to have the baby... well, i had a complete miscarrage last weekend. That's explain for the blog not been up-dated.

Since it was a complete one, i need not have to perform the D&C procedure. I was sad at first. Hubby was too. But, we know that there's a hikmah for all these to happen. Only Allah knows what is best for us.

But on the other hand, i would like to congratulate my sis-in-law. So, becareful, kay. jangan dok lasak sangat-lasak. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, saing la kita next year. mesti best kan... :)

Till then,


Friday, August 4

And The Result Is....

Alhamdulillah, segala Puji-puji hanya Untuk Allah s.w.t..
Went to see Dr N. just a while ago. While waiting for my number to be called, my heart beat was like Tup tap tup tap... guess the person who sat next right to me can alsio hear my heart thumping. It's already been 30 minutes while i arrived. Wondering what the result it's gonna be like. All i can do is to berserah kepada IIahi.
Ting... number 0703.. that's my turn... went inside. already preparing myself for the worst news.. first Dr N explain on the outcome of the blood test result.

Dr N : ok, tee. looking at your result you are pregnant... the reading for .. bla bla bla...

Me : ooo... ok. (suspen ni).

Dr N : let's proceed with the ultra sound.

Me : ok... (this is the moment that i've been waiting for).. dup dap dup dap...

Dr N : ok, let's see.. aaahhh... look tee, alhamdulillah, nampak tak kat dalam rahim tu .. dah ada embrio . maybe the earlier sac was the ovary. as u know, the ovary lies outside the womb. and most probably masa kita scan 2 hari lepas ia tak pecah lagi. So, hari ni baru nampak the foetus inside the womb. cepat juga ye.. Interesting...

Me : errr... ok (muka blurrr gitu..)

Dr N : Ok, tee, i'll prescribe u with folic acid and also Duphaston (some kind of hormone pill - utk kuatkan rahim) and i'll see u in 2 weeks time.

Me : Thank you Dr. (lega sesangat ni..)
That's it guys, alhamdulillah, i'm pregnant and so far there has not been any morning sickness yet.. Hopefully tak teruk.. Call hubby the good news.. probably we'll dine out tonite... yeaaahhhh.. tak yah masak malam ni... :D
Tapi tak leh suka sangat lagi coz i ada history of bleeding during first pregnancy and also a miscarriage before hana. masa tu dah 2 bulan. So, tak leh le lasak sangat. Macam PB cakap, kurangkan aktiviti bershopping... Wadusss... camne ni... kan kegemaranku bershopping.. :D
Till then, guys... enjoy ur weekend..

PS -> kepada semua yang mendoakan, terima kasih bebanyak... :)

Thursday, August 3

Could it be...

A highlight of what's been happening in my life throughout the week...

Friday ~~~ July 29 ...

Been waiting for the red-flag. But, this month, dah overdue 5 hari. Bought a pregnancy kit test at Guardian.

Saturday ~~~ July 30

With so much anxiety, took the test early in the morning.. Waited patiently for the line to appear. First, one line... Then, slowly... the second line appears.. Woooppeeeee... i'm pregnant. Oh, hubby was not around coz he went out for a cricket training... Feel like sms him right away, but i guess it's better to inform him face to face... so that i can see his reaction..

Hubby came back round noon. Told him the good news... Alhamdulillah. We were like planning to have the 4th child to pop out next year...

Sunday ~~~ July 31

It's mother-son outing. Brought Hakim to watch a movie ~~~ Privates Of Carribean at Sunway Pyramid. Not bad.. Layan jerla..

Monday ~~~ Aug 1

Around noon at the office, i bleed. I was like, oh no, there goes the baby... called hubby and inform him bout the bleeding. hubby said that it's ok. luckily we haven't announce it to everybody.. not even our parents knew about this.

Wednesday ~~~ Aug 3

Went to my gynae at DEMC for a thorough check-up coz the bleeding had stop since Monday evening. During the scanning, Dr Norleen shows the womb... ermm not much of the sact can be traced inside the womb. But, there's an alien kind of sact outside the womb that is suspicious. Later, Dr N explain that i have to undergone a Vaginal Inspection to determine what is the alien sact. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. Strangely, i did not feel any pain when the servic examination was been conducted. Look's like a good sign. (i hope...)
Actually , Dr N suspected that it's an ectopic pregnancy. But she can't confirmed it yet. Not just yet. U see, i've to take a blood test to re-confirmed that it is an ectopic one. Oouuccchhh...
For those who wish to know more about this type of pregnancy u can browse to this website
The next appointment shall be tomorrow at 3pm which the result wll be made known to me... Pray for me, kay...
Till then,